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The Amazon logo is projected onto a screen at a press conference on September 6, 2012 in Santa Monica, California.

According to CNN, Amazon knows you’re tired of shopping for clothes online, so they’re giving us an actual store. They know we want to try clothes on to see how they fit and look and they’re giving us a place to do it. The online shopping giant has announced that they’ll be opening Amazon Style, a real brick-and-mortar store, in Los Angeles later this year. The 30-thousand-square-foot store will be located in a high-end shopping complex and will sell clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Amazon Style will have features to make shopping quicker and more personalized:

  • Most of the clothing will be kept in the back of the store, with only one sample of each item displayed on the sales floor.
  • To buy something, customers can scan a QR code using an Amazon shopping app and then pick it up at the counter.
  • And if they want to try it on first, they can have it sent to a high-tech fitting room, which will have touch screens that can be used to request different sizes and colors.
  • As shoppers look around the store and scan items, Amazon’s algorithms will recommend other items they might like to buy, after all, this is Amazon we’re talking about.
  • The store will include a mix of hundreds of well-known brands and Amazon’s own private-label brands.
  • And one of the best perks of all? You’ll be able to drop off Amazon returns at the store and order online and pick your order up there.

We still don’t know when the first Amazon Style store will open this year and how many more Amazon plans to build in the future.

Source: CNN