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You can rent DVD's ne releases and those classics to enjoy from the comfort of your home, for FREE! The Library DVD collection is for home use only, unless labeled for other use. Library DVDs are loaned with the understanding that admission fees will not be charged when they are shown.

Charlotte is taking reading on the road. The Charlotte Mecklenburg mobile Library just hit the road. According to the library website, “The Mobile Library seeks to connect people of all ages to Charlotte Mecklenburg Library by lowering access barriers to our services. To do this, our team will use rotating service routes to reach customers around Mecklenburg County.”

The mobile library’s name is “MoLi” (pronounced like Molly), and she is 33-feet long, and wheelchair accessible. Not only will MoLi have books, it will also have eight public-use Chromebooks, audiobooks, magazines, CDs, and DVDs for you to rent.

Yesterday, January 18th was the first day that MoLi hit the road, and according to the website, the mobile library will now be, “available on a three-week rotating schedule that targets high-need areas of the communities with limited access to a physical Library building or virtual services.”