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Record player car air freshener

My in-laws really know how to nail gifts my wife and I need for the house.  For example, this past Christmas they got her a steam mop because we have three animals and we love our beautiful hardwood floors and tile.  They got me a pressure washer and I can’t wait to blast our driveway.  Finally, the third gift was a shop vacuum which means now we can vacuum out our car at our own house immediately after riding around with our dog Zoe.  These were amazing “adulting” gifts.  The last gift I received from my Mother-in-law came in a tiny bag.  I opened it and noticed it was a tiny record player.  At first I thought it was a Christmas ornament, but as I studied the box more it became clear that it was a car air freshener.  I “installed” it yesterday and you’re not going to believe how it works:

Has a cooler car accessory ever been made?  The answer is NO!  Get one of these for the music lover in your life here!