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You clicked here!  Awesome.  My wife and I don’t have kids yet but we are learning about the adorable moments, as well as hard and annoying moments from her best friend who has two.  A six year-old and a two year-old.  For the last couple of years we’ve been learning all about Peppa Pig, Cocomelon etc. and in fact, Cocomelon is the number one YouTube stream in a lot of cities.  While those children’s YouTube videos help relieve some of the stress that comes with being a parent whether at home or out in public with their child, they apparently still don’t hold a candle to Baby Shark.

The proof is in the views.  Baby Shark just hit 10 BILLION views on YouTube.  In fact, it’s been the most viewed video for the last 15 months, with Despacito(non-Bieber version) being the second most-viewed video with 7.7 billion views.  So, if you’re reading this while your kid is pitching a fit or using dishes as their drum set, please click below for two minutes and 15 seconds of relief.  Well, that is unless your they want to watch and sing it again which is highly likely.

And here’s Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee(non-Bieber version)…

SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter