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Cropped image of cute fluffy akita inu sitting under table in cafeteria eating his food during his owner lunch, well trained lovely japanese dog eating with his owner in pet friendly restaurant

Dog’s are simply the best. Not only are they adorable, but often times they are straight up hilarious too.

This morning, I was scrolling on TikTok and I came across a video of a dog with his entire head in his bag of food, trying to sneak a snack. The only problem is; he got caught.

Once his mom notices what he’s doing she yells at him, and the dogs reaction has had me laughing all morning. The dog spits the food out of his mouth, and runs away immediately.

I don’t think I have ever seen a dog spit food out of his mouth before, but it is absolutely hilarious. This pup has completely made my day with this hilarious video.

I’ve already shared this video with practically all of my friends, so it only felt right to share it with you too. Please enjoy the funniest video that I’ve seen all day!