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Is there anything better than a good bagel with cream cheese? Well, probably but it’s still darn delicious…depending on where you get it. Being from NJ I consider myself an expert haha!

Not all bagels are created equal, and there’s no arguing that certain cities have better bagels than others. So, which cities have the best?

  • Just in time for National Bagel Day (tomorrow), a new report has determined 2022’s Best Cities for Bagel Lovers.
  • The list was determined looking at the number of places that serve bagels and get high consumer reviews, plus the volume of bagel searches per city.
  • In total, 158 cities were judged for the report with an index score of 1 to 100 given based on access to bagel shops and quality and popularity of bagels
  • Landing in the top spot shouldn’t be much of a surprise – New York City.
  • New York earned a score of 87.74, well above the second place finisher, San Francisco, which only scored a 39.57.

As far as Charlotte goes I like Bagel Bin in Ballantyne, that’s a weekly stop for me!


Top 10 Best Cities For Bagel Lovers

(click here for the full list)

  1. New York, NY (87.74)
  2. San Francisco, CA (39.75)
  3. Boston, MA (30.45)
  4. Washington, DC (26.04)
  5. Fort Lauderdale, FL (24.82)
  6. Las Vegas, NV (22.75)
  7. Orlando, FL (22.24)
  8. Yonkers, NY (21.76)
  9. Chicago, IL (20.80)
  10. Aurora, IL (20.70)

Source: 24/7 Wall Street