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It’s tougher to enjoy life when you’re constantly exhausted. The New York Post reports that one couple found a somewhat extreme solution when their sleeping arrangement wasn’t working for them. Terri-Ann Michelle and her husband, Jamie, started sleeping in separate beds in different rooms of their home in Canada. And as a result they’re getting the rest they need and as a bonus? They say it’s improved their sex life, too.

Terri-Ann admits she’s a super light sleeper and her husband’s snoring was keeping her awake, so she was starting to resent him while he was peacefully snoozing and she was jumping up to take care of their baby. So Jamie moved out of their bedroom and into a spare room and it worked so well for them, they made the arrangement permanent. “Our love-making is actually better because we’re both getting better sleep, and it puts us in better moods,” she explains to the Post. “And we’ve made it more exciting by coming up with fun ways to be intimate.”

Experts agree that this kind of “bedroom break up” can be good for a couple’s sex life. Viviana Coles, a sex and relationship expert, explains to NYP that choosing to sleep apart to increase the quality and amount of sleep is a “wonderful way to enhance your sex life.” She says it puts an emphasis on your own physical health and “anything you can do to increase and improve physical health enhances your sexual health.”

Source: New York Post