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Carry-on, and checked baggage can get expensive, but one woman on Tik Tok has found a hack for how to carry on more luggage, without having to pay those extra fees, and it’s all thanks to a neck pillow.

Carry-on luggage used to be included in traveling on airplanes, but many airlines will now offer cheaper tickets if you forgo certain luggage; this has caused many people to get creative with how they pack for their trips. I’ve seen some creative packing hacks but this one takes the cake!

Tik Toker @anayotothe shared the sneaky method she used to try to get more luggage on the plan without having to pay for it; she stuffed her extra belongings into a neck pillow.

Many people in the comments of the original video were eager for an update to find out is she made her original flight, and luckily she posted an update video just a day ago!



Reply to @boricua.geek update on if I made it onto the flight w/o paying extra! #budgettravel #travelhacks #travelpillow #blackgirltravel #blacktravel

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I  would have never though to try this, but it does seem like a good idea if you are in a pinch. The worst that could happen is that you’d have to end up paying extra, but it’s certainly worth a try!