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CAMBRIDGE, MA - NOVEMBER 16: Police officers put up crime scene tape near the entrace to Memorial Hall at Harvard University following a bomb threat that was made on campus on November 16, 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Multiple buildings were evacuated and the Harvard Yard was shut down so that authorities could search. (Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

Virginia’s state attorney general says police in Virginia Beach forged DNA evidence used in at least five criminal investigations.

USA Today is reported that during interrogations, they would show suspects fake DNA reports to convince them to confess. The fake papers included a seal and letterhead from the state agency and in two instances, the documents included the signature of a fictitious employee from the department. In at least one instance, a forged report was presented to a court as evidence.

Attorney General Mark Herring announced on Wednesday that forgeries of forensic science reports were discovered in April. USA Today continued to report that the Attorney General’s office said, in at least one instance, a forgery was presented in court as evidence during a bond hearing. Shocking!

Herring said the Virginia Beach Police Department has stopped the practice and cooperated in his investigation but called it “a tactic that never should have been used.”

I wonder what will happen to those people who are now in jail over forged documents?

Source: USA Today