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With my birthday being two weeks after Christmas, my wife and I will have one more celebration weekend before we start our New Year cleaning next weekend.  It’s not so much cleaning the house than it’s just getting rid of stuff we don’t need or haven’t used in a year.  You can do this too by saving a couple of boxes from the Holidays to compile your trash or donations in and you can even break-down what you should get rid of into five categories.  Here’s a list of five things you should get rid of to start the year.  Get more good info here!

Old documents.  If you still get bank and credit card statements in the mail or still have really old tax documents then shred them.  It’s a good time to look into how to scan important documents and store them in the cloud with Dropbox or Google Drive.  Oh, if you have an iPhone you can scan important documents in Notes.  Find out how to do that here!

Damaged kitchenware.  We all have those pieces of stained or scratched up Tupperware.  One or more’s probably missing it’s lid.  Time to get rid of those and anything chipped or cracked.

Expired fridge and pantry items. Just go ahead and toss anything with a 2021 expiration date.  Even the fridge needs a clean start.

Old clothes.  I love doing this every year.  I have a rule.  If you come across something you haven’t worn in over a year then it’s time to get rid of it.  And don’t forget to include a jacket if you can since it is the colder months.

Junk drawer items.  We all have that one drawer in our house that’s the “catch-all” or “junk” drawer.  You don’t need those batteries that have been in there for the last 2 years or so, or that out of date phone charger.  You should at least try to empty about 50% of this drawer every year.

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SOURCE: Martha Stewart