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Snow lovers are freaking out over the potential winter storm in the Charlotte area this weekend. The key word is winter storm. The system is likely to bring snow ice and freezing rain to the area Saturday night thru Sunday. Most of our phones are showing lots of snow for our area. I live in Waxhaw, and my App says we’re getting 5-8 inches. Here’s the problem with that. The app doesn’t take the “warm nose” in consideration.

So what’s the “warm nose?” The warm nose according the NWS is when warm air over rides the cold air and like nose over your lip. You can see an example here. 

Snow lovers don’t want a warm nose. It brings in warm air and turns the snow into rain or freezing rain in our case, making the roads a mess. According to Brad Panovich of WCNC that is likely to happen. Check out this instagram post where Brad and the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore discuss the storm.

A lot can change and will change over the next couple of days. As the weather nerd on the show I’ll keep ya updated!