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(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Think you had a tough labor? You got nothing on this woman! WUSA9 reported that a mom in Virginia went into labor during a snowstorm, which made getting to the hospital quite an ordeal. When the baby was on the way, Noel’s husband, Kris, called 911 for help, but got no answer. He finally got a hold of firefighters, but downed trees kept the emergency crew from driving down the couple’s street, so they made it to the house on foot.

Paramedic Andy Smith and firefighter Joseph Kenny of Stafford County Fire and Rescue had to maneuver their gear through the woods just to reach the couple’s house. They thought they’d be delivering the baby there, but the mama had other plans. Noel was concerned about a previous ultrasound that had shown her baby girl sitting sideways in the womb, so she insisted she could hike through the woods to the ambulance … while in active labor.

So Smith and Kenny guided Noel about a quarter-mile through the downed trees and over the creeks during the snowstorm to reach the ambulance. She was having contractions about every two minutes, but she was a trooper and kept stopping when she needed to. Noel recalls the first responders were worried she’d deliver the baby in the woods and kept asking her, “Do you feel the urge to push?” Luckily, she didn’t and she made it to the ambulance and on to the hospital in time to give birth to her daughter. Baby Josephine arrived healthily and was named after St. Joseph, who’s kind of a patron saint for firefighters.

Source: WUSA9