Travel Pulse says January is considered “wave season” in the travel industry. It gets its name because, in January, travel agents tend to get a new wave of clients. One reason is that ringing in the new year means people start getting excited about planning out their traveling for the year. Vice President of Northcutt Travel Agency Jordan Bradshaw told Travel Pulse that’s why it’s better to start planning your travel as early in January as possible.

Plus, a new year means a brand new budget, and wave season also usually has a lot of good deals. Summer flights are usually cheaper to purchase in the winter. It is always cheaper to book flights during the opposite season because there is less competition and demand.

A good thing to remember: the months of April and May are when prices start to go up.

Travel Pulse also says that one of the biggest areas where people can save during wave season is on cruises. In fact, 75% of all cruise bookings happen during wave season. It’s because a lot of times, the deals are just too good to pass up.

Although, many people are now hesitant to pull the trigger on buying cruise tickets, because of possible cancellations due to COVID-19. But, many cruise lines are now offering more flexible cancellation policies.

What is your dream destination in 2022?

Source: TravelPulse

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