I know what you are probably thinking…how is North Carolina a top city for bagels? Is that even possible? For a cheap, filling meal in many American cities, bagels are a tasty choice if you like salty, sweet, or a combination of everything.

Ahead of National Bagel Day on January 15, Lawn Love ranked 2022’s Best Cities for Bagel Lovers, highlighting large U.S. cities that have an abundance of high-quality bagel shops and an enthusiastic bagel-loving community. North Carolina was represented by two cities on the list. Greensboro ranked 81 and Raleigh ranked 100.

Number one was, of course, New York, NY. That didn’t surprise me. However, seeing some of our southern cities among the top 100 was not what I expected. At least North Carolina didn’t make the most undesirable cities list! Here are the 10 tastiest followed by some surprising findings.

OVERALL RANK  City   Overall Score   Access Rank   Quality Rank  Popularity Rank
81 Greensboro, NC 12.51  67  77  59
100 Raleigh, NC 10.54 52 97 40

Bagels By the Numbers Infographic

2022s Best Cities for Bagel Lovers Infographic

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