According to the experts talking with the website Eat This, Not That, the way you drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages could affect how quickly your brain ages.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, drinking just to get intoxicated is the biggest way your drinking habits can affect your brain.

Physician Dr. William Lin told Eat This, Not That: “High levels of alcohol can kill brain neurons in short order, so drinking excessively to get drunk can cause brain damage.” Short term, your brain can heal itself after a night of drinking. But, if you drink like that consistently, the brain doesn’t have enough time to repair itself. This in turn can cause neuroinflammation.

Drinking alcohol alone, on an empty stomach, or in two glasses a night can also alter the brain. It’s best to drink alcohol with food, and specifically food like fish that is high in omega3 fatty acids. Eat This, Not That says moderate drinking (having one or two glasses every night) is linked to smaller brain volume and can ultimately damage your memory.

Of course, non-alcoholic drinking habits can also change the brain. Drinking beverages high in sugar, not drinking enough water, and having too much caffeine are not good for you. I know when I have too much caffeine because I get extremely jittery, antsy, and easily irritated. Overall, NOT a fun experience.

Do you have any of these drinking habits? How well do you think your brain is functioning?

Source: Eat This, Not That

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