You'd be surprised how relaxing reading a book is. Plus, when you take even just a 30-minute break with a book to unwind, it usually helps bring a little clarity to whatever problem you're facing. There's also the added bonus of being able to brag you've read a certain book so you can make that one snooty cousin of yours feel dumb in comparison. (Let's face it...we all have that one cousin that's just the worst.)

The pandemic lockdown was a perfect chance to catch up on some reading…buuuuuut most of us chose to binge-watch Netflix instead. I definitely did.

According to a new Gallup poll, Americans are reading fewer books than ever – averaging 12.6 books in the last year. That’s down from an average of 15.6 books in 2016, and the lowest total since Gallup began keeping track in 1990. And we’re not just talking about old-fashioned paper books. The survey included e-books and audiobooks as well.

The Gallup poll reports that roughly 17% of Americans say they didn’t read any books last year, while 27% say they read more than 10 books.

My New Years Resolution this year is to do more to stimulate my creativity, including reading, writing, dancing, and singing. If you’re like me, you feel burnt out from school or perhaps just from quarantine. This burnout feeling for me discouraged me from reading for a while. In high school especially, I had to read so many books that were either hard for me to keep engaged with or I just didn’t relate to. Now, my goal is to read more books that I actually enjoy.

Haven’t been getting a lot of good sleep lately? Maybe avoid scrolling on devices right before you shut your eyes and instead, pick up a Kindle or my favorite, the good ol paperback. Reading before bed can prepare your mind for sleep. It is calming, yet stimulating for your brain. Try it for a few nights and see how your sleep improves.

How many books do you read in a year? Why do you think the number is going down?

Source: Gallup

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