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The boozy beverage business keeps getting bigger thanks to the popularity of hard seltzers and such, and now Coca-Cola wants to get in on more of the action.

The beverage company just announced they will be launching a line of Fresca canned cocktails, named Fresca Mixed. The non-alcoholic Fresca is a no-calorie grapefruit and citrus-flavored soda, which is currently the “fastest-growing” drink in the company’s portfolio. The new beverage will be part of a partnership with Constellation Brands, and Coca-Cola describes it as “a line of full-flavored, spirit-based ready-to-drink cocktails.”

This will be Coca-Cola’s third entry into alcoholic beverages. In Japan, they have a Lemon-Dou canned cocktail, and last year they introduced Top Chico Hard Seltzer in the U.S.

So far there’s no release date for Fresca Mixed, but it is expected sometime later this year.

SOURCE: People