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Up to 20,000 people were without power in south Charlotte this Sunday. The reason for the power outage was quite unusual though; Charlotte Mecklenburg police had to cut the power to save a man’s life.

The man climbed to the top of an 85 foot electrical tower off Woodlawn, and Nations Crossing Road.  It took Charlotte-Mecklenburg negotiators nearly 4 hours to get the man to climb down to safety.

Duke-Energy had to de-energize the tower while negotiations were going on, which is what caused the outages.

On a sad note, according to Queen City News,  police did say that people on the ground were making negotiations even harder as they were making jokes, posting to social media, and one bystander even flew their drone up towards the man.

I know power outages are extremely frustrating, but at the end of the day, one man’s life was saved and that is the most important thing!

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