Newsweek says one fed-up mom has taken drastic measures to punish her teenage son for refusing to tidy up his room. She is getting lots of criticism for listing his bed and other furniture on Facebook Marketplace. Sometimes though, it takes a fed-up mom to list some pretty good deals…her son’s Full Ikea Malm bed is only $50!

The Facebook post was reposted on Reddit. It reads: “Our son refuses to put clothes away so we sold his dresser. He won’t make his bed? Getting rid of the bed.” The mom went on to say that she knew she’d get backlash for what she calls “tough love, Love & Logic style”.

The response to the post on Reddit reveals that most people don’t sanction tough love. Most people condemned this mom’s actions. One user CreamPuff97 made the point that her son could be refusing to tidy because he may be experiencing depression. Another user Either-Coconut agreed, saying, “If the kid wasn’t depressed BEFORE his own parents started selling his things online as a punishment, he surely is depressed NOW” (Newsweek).

What do you think of this “tough love” approach? Did your parents ever discipline you in a similar way?

Source: Newsweek

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