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Nobody really loves to make dinner every night, which is why so many people rely on leftovers to get them through the week. But, based on findings of a new survey, some leftovers have way more appeal than others. Thank you to Bosch home appliances who commissioned the study.

A new survey finds:

  • 72% of Americans say they enjoy eating leftovers.
  • For many, their weekly diet always consists of leftovers.
  • In fact, the survey found the average weekly diet is made up of five home-cooked meals, three leftover meals, three takeout meals, and three meals out at restaurants.
  • 46% of people say they love leftovers because it’s easier than cooking.
  • Another 32% eat leftovers because it’s affordable and they don’t have to buy more food.
  • As for what makes a good leftover:
    • Over half say it depends on how recently the food was made.
    • 46% say it depends on how it smells.
    • Another 46% say it depends where the food is from.
  • And folks have some definite thoughts on what types of food make the best leftovers.
  • The overall best leftover food is soup/stew (79%), followed by:
    • Pizza (63%)
    • Meat (62%)
    • Pasta (60%)
    • Rice (55%)
    • Vegetables (54%)
    • Chinese food takeout (53%)
    • Roasted potatoes (52%)
    • Sandwiches (47%)
    • Tuna salad (47%)
    • Egg salad (47%)

Additional Source: SWNS Digital