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Dogs are a man’s best friend, but unfortunately, not everyone can easily be around dogs because of allergies.

There could be some good news if you are someone with a dog allergy who desperately wishes you didn’t have one though.

Scientists in Japan are working on a vaccine that would end dog allergies. According to, researchers have finally been able to identify seven different allergens (or molecular structures) that bind to an antibody and produce the immune response that causes people to have allergy symptoms to dogs.

Interestingly enough, the majority of reactions in people allergic to dogs (between 50-75%) comes from tongue tissue, salivary glands, and skin.

WBTV does a really good job in breaking down how the vaccine would actually work, and you can CLICK HERE to read about it.

Not only would this be great news for dog lovers, but this could also open up the door to a whole new type of vaccine that could be used to treat different types of allergies!

Science is so facinating.