CLARK, NEW JERSEY - APRIL 27: Clark resident Jen Valencia shops for a customer as she supplements her income working for Instacart at Acme Market on April 27, 2020 in Clark, New Jersey. Instacart has experienced a massive surge in customer demand and employment recently due to lockdowns and other restrictions caused by COVID-19. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

“Interesting” is a word that could describe 2021. The way we ate this year can be credited to adding to that description. Among the food trends affecting 2021 is the usage of QR code menus in place of physical menus due to concerns over COVID-19. WHAS11 says it’s now pretty rare to find physical menus anywhere anymore.

Comfort food was also a big hit this year with diners seeking out some classic favorites at restaurants. WHAS11 says we loved comfort food this year because it helped make us feel safe. Heritage cooking also became popular since we had more time to cook at home this year.

Meanwhile, meal kit delivery services, online grocery shopping, and the rise of TikTok recipes also affected the way we ate and lived in 2021. 45% of shoppers used online shopping platforms more frequently this year.

One thing that also became popular this year was hard seltzers. Which kind of seltzer is your favorite?

What one of the food trends this year do you think will be popular in 2022? How else do you think food has shaped our year?

Source: WHAS11

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