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Every year it seems like Christmas comes and goes in no time and it can tough to get out there and go Christmas shopping.  Especially this year!  I ordered something for my wife on the Friday after Thanksgiving and it says it suppose to arrive today(12/17).  That’s almost a full month of waiting on what was suppose to only take 7-10 business days.  Speaking of that package, hang on a sec(opens phone…opens email…scrolls to received shipping email and opens…);  Wow!  The package is literally just waiting to be accepted by the post office.  I may need to get my wife one of these last minute gifts.  If you need a last minute gift here are four things I’d suggest!

Any digital product.  If you know a gamer or have one in your family you can buy them a download code on Amazon.  A streaming service subscription is another great last minute gift!

Buy an experience.  Artists are like Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo are all touring in 2022!  Buy them tickets and a hotel to a city they’ve never been to or just buy them a vacation in general.  Any adventure to anything they like to do will surely leave a lasting memory.

Curbside pickup is your friend.  Curbside pickup is nothing new.  It was around before the pandemic and a ton of stores offer it.  So, you can still buy something online you know the person wants and chances are the store offers curbside pickup if you just don’t have time to go to the store and shop.

Send them a Bitcoin.  I never thought I’d ever actually entertain crypto currency, but it’s super cheap right now and one day will go up.  Or maybe it won’t, which is kind of the joke.  It’s trendy, fun to talk about and could seriously PAYOFF one day.  Or not.  Haha.  You can look into crypto as a gift on Coinbase and Cash App.