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Carole Baskin attends a screening of THE CONSERVATION GAME at Eaton Hotel on June 24, 2021 in Washington, DC.

Carole Baskin is dropping her lawsuit over the second season of “Tiger King.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Big Cat Rescue owner and her husband are no longer suing Netflix and the series’ production company. The Baskin’s lawyer filed paperwork of their “voluntary dismissal” on Wednesday. Baskin and her husband had been using to try and stop the show from coming out last month.

The Baskins issued a statement on their website yesterday saying the lawsuit was never about money, but blocking the show from airing. They threw a dig at the show saying it got poor reviews and dropped from the top 10 quickly, so it’s no biggie.

They said now, their time is better spent stopping animal abuse rather than chasing monetary damages.

Source: Hollywood Reporter