It is extremely unlikely that there will be any snow in Charlotte this Christmas. We still want you to know what the sky will bring, even though extended weather forecasts aren’t very reliable, they give me anxiety. For meteorologists, looking that far ahead is a bit of a guessing game since conditions can change quickly.

According to AccuWeather, Charlotte will be rather warm on Christmas day. The high will be 53 degrees with a low of 36 degrees. However, if you are spending Christmas day in Charlotte you might want to have an umbrella or rain jacket on hand. The forecast also notes there might be possible showers with a 30% chance. Honestly, we need this rain from the terrible drought we had last week. Those wildfires were no fun. You can see more on the day’s weather forecast here.

You can expect near-normal temperatures on Christmas in the northeast of the United States if you’re traveling for the holidays. Pennsylvania and New York might be a bit warmer than usual. The temperatures for December 25 are generally lower on the west coast, especially in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington.


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