There has been lots of news surrounding Charlotte’s newest pro sports team recently. A uniform reveal, the schedule announcement, and the expansion draft. And now as part of that good news, Charlotte Football Club is bringing Jaylin Lindsey home. Lindsey has spent the last few years in Kansas City for their team but will be making the trek back to his native Charlotte to play for the new MLS team. The deal went through Sunday with Sporting Kansas City.

Lindsey, whose mother and brother still reside in the Queen City, left home in high school to pursue a career in Major League Soccer. At just 21 not only is he getting to do that but in his home city in a stadium, he grew up attending games in. In an interview with WBTV Lindsey’s mother said she had been hoping for this day ever since Charlotte FC was first announced.

WBTV also spoke with Lindsey who said, “I think the most I’m excited about is playing in Bank of America Stadium. Growing up watching the Panthers play in that stadium, and now becoming a reality of being in that stadium, I’m just like so excited to play in that stadium.”

Charlotte FC’s inaugural season which will feature Jaylin Lindsey will begin in February. You can get more info on the team here

Source WBTV

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