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‘Tis the season to have lots of extra food, and to give a ton of that extra food to your dog! According to SWNS, OnePoll recently found that over 70% of owners said they feed the dog more table scraps during the holidays than any other time of the year.

This is a finding of a survey they conducted of over 2,000 dog owners about holiday leftover habits.

Who Feeds The Dog?

Other findings include that 29% of people say their mother is the most likely member of the family to feed the dog under the table. I guess moms can’t resist those puppy dog eyes! As for other members of the family, SWNS says the people surveyed said their spouse (29%), themselves (29%), their Dad (28%), and their Grandma (25%).

What Holiday Leftovers Can You Safely Feed Your Dog?

The survey also found that 4 out of 5 owners check on whether a scrap is safe for dogs to eat before giving it to them. Most people also knew that white meat turkey is safe, but anything chocolate is definitely not. As for the other foods, green beans are good, but any kind of pie is probably not. (This includes pumpkin!)

My favorite finding of the survey is probably the fact that 80% of dog owners are likely to make a special dish just for their dogs during the holidays. And half of those people have cooked their dog a steak before!

What Do Owners Do For Their Dogs During the Holidays Besides Food?

Other than special food, some ways owners like to celebrate their dogs during the holidays include taking them on family walks and including them in a family picture. A lot of people also give them their own gifts, which are usually treats of some kind.

What do you do for your dog during the holidays? Who in your family is most likely to feed the dog under the table?

Source: SWNS

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