The new year is fast approaching. Is working out part of your resolutions? If so then you’ll probably be making a workout music playlist. We all have music that motivates us. Usually, it’s fast-paced. Maybe it’s your favorite artist. But have you ever wondered if it really makes difference? Does certain artists’ music make you run faster? Turns out some do.

A recent study by Pour Moi reveals which artists’ music impacts the speed at which you run the most. As someone who dislikes and is not very good at running, I need all the help I can get. To determine this the study looked at data from over 60 runs. These are the artist’s whose music can help you run faster:


Listening to Beyonce was running can take 30seconds off your time. That’s half a minute! BRB adding her to my playlist. I’m not sure the science behind this, I’m guessing it has something to do with the beats/music. However, if you told me Beyonce or Taylor Swift was down the road I can promise you I’d be setting a new PR time.

These artists make you run faster. But what music could be slowing you down? Some of these surprise me more than the ones that make you run faster. Here are the results:

View the full study here

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