Work romance between two business people holding a heart

Anyone know of a Dwight/Angela or Jim/Pam situation in their own office? A poll of 2,000 people done for found that there is one profession whose employees are most likely to have a romantic rendevous with a coworker. The Daily Mail says this profession is police officers. Out of all professions looked at, more than 25% of workers confessed to a hookup with a coworker.

Out of 20 different professions studied, police officers had the most, with more than 2 out of 5 people saying they’ve had a work fling.

On the contrary, teachers are least likely to have a work fling.

Here’s what’s in the middle:

  1. Police officers – 44%
  2. Artists – 38%
  3. IT workers – 33%
  4. Gas/Electricity workers – 32%
  5. Bankers – 32%
  6. HR – 29%
  7. Accountants – 28%
  8. Shopworkers – 28%
  9. Leisure center workers – 27%
  10. Bus or train drivers – 25%

Ever had a crush at work? Ever had your own work fling?

Source: Daily Mail

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