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Cmon dude’s we can do better!

A good compliment can leave you feeling like you’re floating on air, but sometimes people say things that are actually insulting, disturbing or downright creepy and think they’re paying a compliment. A Redditor recently asked the Ask Women section, “What was the most horrific ‘compliment’ a man has ever given you?” And based on the thousands of responses, it seems some people don’t know when to keep things to themselves!

Some of the cringiest “compliments” women have received from men:

  • “I bet you were really attractive when you were young.”
  • “I’d totally do you if you lost some weight”
  • “Your hips look like they’ll give birth to strong boys.”
  • “Some stranger called me ‘hot’ when I was 13 and told me I could pass off as 18 when I told him how young I was.”
  • “My former landlord texted me that he loved to fantasize about all the places he could hide in my house so that he could ambush me any time he wanted. He reminded me that he had the key. I moved out the next week.”
  • “I had a guy in college tell me (in the middle of making out) that I reminded him of his mother. Broke up with him the next day. No thank you, Norman Bates.”
  • “You look like you’d make for an incredibly fun night but a terrible partner”
  • “You’re hot… For a ginger”
  • “You’re probably very insecure and feel bad about your height but…”.
  • “Hey you’re actually alright looking”
  • “Once I was on a date with a guy and he said, ‘I like how you don’t feel the need to wear a bunch of makeup or get all dressed up for a guy’…I was wearing a full face of makeup including eyeshadow and fake lashes”
  • “‘I admire a woman that realizes she’s too selfish to have children,’ from my EMT instructor after asking me if I have children and me saying I don’t want them.”
  • “You’re heavier than I like but I can make it work”
  • “You know, you’re smart for a girl, especially such a pretty one.”

Source: Reddit

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