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Lifehacker puts it best: “we seek out fast food not just for its convenience, but for its reliability.” The heartbreak is so real pulling up to a fast food joint just to find out that for whatever reason they no longer carry your go-to order.

Beloved menu items seem to come and go from popular fast-food chains and sometimes it can feel like a personal attack. Gone but certainly not forgotten, here are 7 fast-food items rounded up by Lifehacker that should’ve never disappeared from menus:

  1. McDonald’s Arch Deluxe
  2. Taco Bell Mexican Pizza
  3. Burger King’s Chicken Tenders
  4. McDonald’s Apple Pie
  5. Popeye’s Cajun Rice
  6. Arby’s Potato Cakes
  7. Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt

Find more discontinued menu items HERE!

My buddy thinks McDonald’s made the biggest mistake of its corporate existence after getting rid of its snackwraps. He’s so disappointed that he hasn’t been a customer since! Where’s the petition I can sign to bring back chicken snackwraps for him?!

Source: Lifehacker