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Don’t let your hate for Mondays ruin your Sunday. A survey from, shows 76% of Americans say they have a “really bad” case of the ‘Sunday Twisties.’ It’s technically not a clinical diagnosis but mental health professionals say they hear clients also call them ‘Sunday Scaries’ and they want you to know that they are totally real.

Feelings of anxiety, dread, sadness, and resentment are all associated with the Sunday Scaries. The worst part of it though? People shortchange themselves out of their own weekend by spending the latter half of their Sunday dreading over what’s to come on Monday.

According to Dr. Amy Cirbus at, anyone can catch a case of the Sunday Scaries regardless of your mental health history. However, these situations can increase the chances of those feelings:

  • Not being able to disconnect from work
  • Too much to do at work
  • A bad work environment
  • Uncertainty or a less of control
  • A lack of fun
  • A lack of rest

Cirbus also shared her tips with Good Housekeeping on how to deal:

  • Schedule joy in your weekend
  • Start writing
  • Make Mondays happier
  • Adopt a mindfulness practice
  • Prep for the week ahead
  • Give yourself time to rest
  • Reevaluate your job