That’s right the 5Church we know and love is no more. But don’t get too upset. The beloved restaurant is just rebranding. When they open on January 1st they will be known as Church and Union Charlotte. The popular Charleston location is also rebranding as Church and Union Charleston. This comes after the brands latest venture Church and Union in Nashville.  In addition to the new name, there will be an updated menu and look to go along with it.

The new menu will include the CU Burger which is a popular item at the Nashville restaurant. What’s leaving the menu? The Lamb Burger and 60 Second Steak Viper are two items you’ll no longer be able to get.  CU Charlotte will under go a $1 million renovation in 2023, 5th Street Group’s Alejandro Torio told CharlotteFive on Monday morning.

Church and Union Charlotte will continue in the current 5Church location at 127 N Tryon St in Charlotte with a conract through 2041. The restaurant will undergo a renovation in 2023.

Source: Charlotte Observer

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