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Walmart lifted its mask requirements for fully vaccinated customers and employees.

Walmart has pulled a Dancing Cactus Toy off the shelves. The toy went viral about it swearing, singing and rapping about cocaine, drug abuse, suicide, and other topics that aren’t generally considered kid-friendly. Particularly for a “learning toy.” How could this happen? The toy sings songs in English, Spanish, and Polish, and Toronto’s Ania Tanner just happened to be Polish…and could understand every unsavory thing it was crooning about. The specific song in question was performed by Polish rapper Cypis, who also says he had no knowledge of his song being used in the Chinese-made toy…where one of the lyrics mentions “taking five grams of cocaine and being alone.” Now, Cypis says he’s “taking action” against the manufacturer…and finding the toy has become a viral trend for those smartasses who now want one…they just won’t be able to get it at Walmart.

Source: CTV News