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Weddings have slowly become the place to say no chidden. When the bride-to-be puts her foot down saying no small children, it’s all about her comfort level. Since the bride and groom have budgeted for certain luxuries, having no children attend is a plus. Here’s a few examples from The Wedding Playbook. One good one is saying, our venue has limited space, so adults only. Or, due to our budget we’re unable to extend the invitation to children.

Making your wedding adults only is smart for a few reasons. Your video footage won’t have little ambient voices creeping through the audio. Weddings can be one of the stressful times in our lives and adding space and accommodations for children isn’t a priority for us these days. Adore these children from afar and hope the parents of these children don’t get too mad at you. After all you have a mother-in-law to bond with during the entire process.

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