Emely Varela Salvador age five loves music, singing, and dancing. She also likes to pretend to cook. She keeps changing her mind about what she wants to be when she is older but mostly talks about being a doctor, chef, or policewoman.

Her journey to Hemby Children’s Hospital started when she was sent to the hospital after spending the night at an emergency clinic. Her diagnosis was Acute lymphoid leukemia at age three and a half in 2018.

Her parents wrote after their stay, that “there are so many good nurses that I can name but they don’t work at the hospital they work at the clinic. The first doctor we saw at the hospital was Dr. Hawk. He was really nice and helpful. Whenever we are at the hospital everyone there treats Emely with a lot of love and patience. With everything that she has been through, she gets scared easily and I really appreciate the patience everyone has with her. She tries to make jokes and likes to have a conversation with everyone there.”

We encourage you to give a little extra love this season and donate online or by calling 1-866-676-PED1 to our 10th annual Secret Santa fundraiser. Novant Health Hemby Children’s Hospital offers patients remarkable medical care while offering parents peace of mind.

Her parents wanted people to know that when they are at Hemby Children’s Hospital you are treated like family. They care about their patients and they try to make it seem as if they are not in a hospital. They really take care of you and they want you to be as comfortable as possible. “I would recommend this hospital because the doctors and nurses that have taken care of Emely show her love and try to make the stay there a great experience. There are many places that you go to and they just don’t care, they are just there to do a job. But even when she is scared, she loves her stays at Hemby Children’s Hospital.”

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