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engagement ring

A woman with a stepmother-in-law who’s a royal pain was nearly pushed over the edge by her latest movie. In a post to Reddit’s “Just no mother-in-law” section, she explains that her husband’s stepmom has caused trouble before, doesn’t like her very much, and doesn’t support their relationship. And as if that’s not bad enough, now the MIL has worn her new engagement ring before she did.

The wife writes that when she and her husband tied the knot, they did it with a pair of “cheapo temporary rings” because he was having her dream ring custom-made. She didn’t know when her new and improved ring was arriving, so he tried to make it a surprise and had it shipped to his parent’s house. Unfortunately, before he got the package, his stepmom did. She opened it and rather than realizing this piece of jewelry wasn’t for her, she put it on.

“My husband was FURIOUS … but stayed quiet,” she explains, adding that she just wanted to burst into tears, but she didn’t. And it wasn’t just the ring that the stepmom ruined, the box was also supposed to be a surprise and it had sentimental messages inside that were supposed to be revealed before she got to the ring. Stepmom defended herself saying she thought her stepson bought it for her, not his wife, but her excuses don’t matter to the wife. She’s heartbroken that this woman wore her ring before she did and even though she knows it’s silly, she feels like the ring is cursed now or something.