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Some things are just way too embarrassing to ask a real person, so we ask Google instead. And if you saw this shows Google history you would prob laugh your butt off! To make sure that not a soul sees your most recent Google searches (whatever they may be, we won’t judge), there’s an easy way to delete them after according to CNET!

Google actually released the “quick-delete” feature this year back in May and it’s among a handful of ways people can protect their privacy online. The only catch is that it is time-sensitive, so you can’t wait around too long before deciding you need to erase your digital footsteps.

Here’s how to “quick-delete” your Google search history from the last 15 minutes:

  1. Tap on your Google profile picture to access your menu.
  2. Click Delete last 15 minutes.

Yepp, that’s it! Erasing all your Google search history is that easy. When you’re done, all those embarrassing inquiries will be wiped from your search tab from the previous quarter-hour.

Source: CNET