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Who doesn’t love a low-cost DIY beauty hack?! There are some amazing tricks out there but there are equally some bad ones as well. Experts are warning against some of the most popular beauty trends on TikTok right now that could cause more harm than good. These are the trends to stay away from according to Woman and Home.

  • Sun Cream Contouring – The trend involves the application of sunscreen to only certain areas of your face like the cheeks or forehead, to allow other areas, like the cheekbones, to “deepen in color more quickly.” Sooo.. you’re leaving only half of your face at high risk of damage from UV rays— which can lead to wrinkles, sagging, and skin cancer. Cool.
  • Coffee Exfoliator – Not everything in your kitchen is safe for your skin. TikTok’s coffee exfoliator trend has people mixing coffee grounds with lemon and honey to create a scrub. The texture of ground coffee can be extremely harsh and could severely irritate your skin.
  • Spot Treating with Toothpaste – This beauty hack has been around forever and it’s inevitably made its way to TikTok. Rather than heal your pimple, all that toothpaste is doing is making it worse and can likely aggravate it which can leave you with a nasty rash or even a chemical burn.
  • Face Slugging – No this trend doesn’t involve actual slugs (thank GOD) but it does involve covering your face with Vaseline overnight in the hope of waking up with hydrating glowing skin. The benefits of petroleum jelly on your skin are short-lived and could worsen breakouts by causing bacteria to become trapped in your pores.
  • DIY Eyebrow Tint – While you can tint your brows from home, some TikTokers are breaking all the rules and are experimenting with formulas like beard dye to fill in their brows. This can result in blistering and rashes and even blindness if it gets in your eye!

Source: Woman and Home

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