It wasn’t the turkey that ran away this Thanksgiving. Instead, it was a pot-bellied pig that got loose in Raleigh on Thursday. You’re probably thinking ok great, someone just needs to go grab it. Well, it was a lot harder than it sounds. In fact, after receiving multiple calls about a pig roaming a neighborhood, it took more than 12 animal control officers to ultimately capture the animal.

The pot-bellied pig that got loose on Thanksgiving (why do I feel like this could be a legend?) is now being housed at the Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is located in Rougemont, NC.

No word on who the animal belongs to. It was discovered in a southeast Raleigh neighborhood along a street called Cardamon Court. Caradamon Court is near the intersection of Sunnybrook and Poole roads.  Anyone who knows who the pig belongs to is encouraged to reach out to the Blind Spot Animal Rescue at 919-601-6990.

This isn’t the first time Raleigh has had some “interesting” animal experiences. A venomous cobra was loose earlier this year. And a bear had to be rescued from a tree outside the hospital.

Source CBS 17

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