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These days you can find all sorts of advent calendars to help you count down to Christmas, whether it’s beer, wine, cheese, chocolate, etc. But according to The Mail one jeweler in the UK is taking things up a notch. Well, many, many notches.

C W Sellors is now selling an advent calendar that will set you back almost $27,000. The Chatsworth Winnats Luxury Jewellery and Gift Advent Calendar S220 is styled after Chatsworth House, in Derbyshire, the home of the Duke of Devonshire, and contains 24 pieces of jewelry and other lifestyle items. When added up, the items in the calendar actually cost $32,000, so buying it as one calendar is actually deal.

The calendar includes earrings, pendants, bracelets and more, all hand-selected by Rebecca Sellors. It also includes a limited edition dry gin and a diffuser.

Some of the items in the calendar include:

  • Christmas Medium Sterling Silver CZ White MOP Double Snowflake Pendant and Drop Earrings
  • Christmas Small Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated Reindeer Pendant and Drop Earrings
  • 18ct White Gold Diamond Round Cluster Pendant
  • Blossom 18ct Rose Gold Whitby Jet Diamond Double Sided Heart Pendant
  • 18ct White Gold Diamond Flower Pendant (0.16ct)
  • 18ct Yellow Gold 12mm White Pearl Necklet
  • Bloom 9ct Yellow Gold Whitby Jet Four Leaf Clover Ball Edge Chain Bracelet
  • Faberge Candle

(click here for the complete list)

Source: The Mail