As a result of slowed adoptions and longer stays for homeless pets, shelters across the country are crowded and in desperate need of support. During this holiday season, no pet should be without an adoptive family. From December 6th through the 20th, 2021, the BISSELL Pet Foundation is hosting its “Empty the Shelters – Holiday Hope” reduced-fee adoption event including our local shelter Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement.

This is an effort that has helped more than 67,758 pets find homes in shelters throughout the country. During each nationwide event, BISSELL Pet Foundation sponsors reduced adoption fees for $25 or less. The “Empty the Shelters – Holiday Hope” event will be hosted in more than 230 shelters in 41 states and Canada. This includes North Carolina.

Click here for an interactive map. This holiday season, let’s spread the word and find adoptive homes for shelter pets. You can see a list of all the available animals here.

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