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Sometimes you can’t even escape your ex in your own dreams! You’ve probably heard before that dreams are metaphorical, which means that dreaming about your ex is probably not even about them. According to Elite Daily there’s a different meaning behind the reason for these dreams, depending on which ex you are dreaming about:

  • A dream about your most recent ex indicates this breakup is fresh and your subconscious is actually doing you a favor by trying to help you come to terms with the ending of the relationship
  • The ex we tend to dream about the most, is usually our first love. Our subconscious is actually more focused on our passion and emotions we felt with that person rather than the actual person. These dreams could be a sign to find something that can bring this same sort of excitement into your life again.
  • Dreaming of a toxic relationship you were a part of probably means you have some lingering hurt feelings.

Try shifting your thoughts and your mindset right before bed. Experts say, your dreams are a continuation of your thoughts. Do some journaling right before bed to get out all of your thoughts and frustrations before your head hits the pillow. But whatever you do, DO NOT get back with your ex! Your dream is not a sign. It just might just mean that there are still some loose ends that need some closure.

Source: Elite Daily