Sometimes you just find that perfect gift for someone that you know they are going to love. Some people are fairly easy to buy for but we all have those people you never know what to get. But no matter who you are shopping for you may ask what do Americans want to find under their Christmas tree?

A recent survey of almost 9,200 respondents took a look at what Americans want and don’t want this year as Christmas gifts. It also looked at gift-giving trends and how people’s expectations align with what they are actually getting.

Overall, technology/gadgets rank first in people’s preferences and would make the recipients happy any day. Jewelry is next.

According to Storage Cafe, some other key findings include:

  • Zooming in on generational preferences, it seems like the pandemic made millennials appreciate experiences even more. Gen Zers on the other hand march further into technology as they declared tech as their favorite type of gift.
  • Regardless of the gift, making it a surprise would score you extra points! Almost 75% of all the survey respondents said that the best gift they received was also a total surprise.
  • About 77% of the survey respondents said they are using and enjoying the items they receive. Almost 9% of the recipients are planning to put their gifts in self-storage for further use, and 5% they’re more likely to donate.
  • About 1 in 5 of all the gift-givers consider that the gifts they offered are better than the ones they received – and that affirmation is truer for men than for women.
  • Our survey also revealed some of the things people perceive as bad gifts: from ugly sweaters, socks and unfashionable purses to dollar-store candy.

Check out some of the findings on what Americans want for Christmas gifts below:

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