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I’m not sure if the internet gods like us using the real name if we’re not a medical professional so I’ll be safe and say the word jab. I’ll share the questions I have for the doctor I’m interviewing next week. It makes you wonder if kids will have the same reactions when they get the jab as adults. Did you as an adult have any complications after your jab?  Regarding kids, many doctors say that the clinical trials have shown that expected reactions from the vaccine were mild and similar to those seen in adults. The most common side effect was a sore arm, but they’re expect to also see fatigue, a low-grade fever and a general ill feeling.

Ask your pediatric doctor to see if the data collected is only showing positive results for kids and this particular vaccine, and not the negative ones. When I took the jab, they asked me if I wanted the flu vaccine at the same time, so I had to roll my eyes and walk away from 2 jabs in one day.  As I was slowly backing away I heard them say it wouldn’t increase the expected effects of either vaccine and they are expected to be generally similar whether administered together or alone.  Will have this particular interview loaded online by December 1, 2021.


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