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All You Need

Every once in awhile your fridge starts looking a little sad and gets to the point where you have the most random ingredients that are just taking up space.

Snapchat is now teaming up with to help users solve that issue by curating recipes based on whatever ingredients are on hand. It’s simple!

  • Just place the ingredients on a flat surface, open the main Snapchat camera screen, point the camera at the food, and click Scan.
  • Up to five recipes from will pop up that will use up some of those leftover ingredients.
  • Eggs, bread, bananas – the Food Scan feature recognizes over 1,000 ingredients to help users find the most relevant recipes as well. However, the feature isn’t able to recognize liquids or packaged foods yet.

By the way, did you also know that you can also use Snapchat’s scan feature to identify dog breeds, plants and trees, wine bottles, and more? It’s a fact!