Is this a turn in the right direction? After rising for months on end Charlotte gas prices are down for the second week in a row. I drove back and forth from Raleigh this weekend across the state I actually saw a couple of stations under $3 a gallon for regular which I haven’t seen in ages.

The website GasBuddy (which I was introduced to during the shortages a few months ag0) tracks the average price across the city via a daily survey of 665 stations. According to their data, the average price for a gallon of gas fell 1.4 cents last week in the Queen City. The average price Monday was $3.15 per gallon. While this is a welcome sign, prices are still up $1.21 over where they were this time last year according to Gas Buddy. Prices in the Charlotte area range from $2.29 to $3.39.

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