Toronto, Ontario / Canada - August 20th 2019 : Photograph of two kids having a pillow fight.

Think you could beat someone at pillow fighting? Reuters reports that this classic sleepover activity is now a professional sport.

The first-ever Pillow Fight Championship or PFC will air on January 29th, 2022. It’ll be a live, pay-per-view event held in Florida. The CEO of the PFC Steve Williams says this event will have all the excitement of hand-to-hand fighting, without all the injuries and gore.

Make no mistake though. According to Reuters, Williams says the event will not be all fun and giggles. He says the competitors, who mostly come from MMA fighting and boxing, will use specialized pillows for “hardcore swinging”.

Williams is hoping the new pro sport will tap into new audiences since the act of pillow fighting is much less violent than boxing, and it’s also more relatable. He is calling it an “alternative sport”.

The event will be available to watch on the sports streaming platform FITE.

Will you watch?

Source: Reuters

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