Are you a daredevil? Many things in life are all about the risk tolerance you are willing to accept. With the current pandemic situation as well it’s forced a lot of people to consider a risk-benefit analysis of many things. But what country has the most risk-takers? Well, the Sports betting site OLBG has the answer. They have done the work for you and ranked the countries of the world in order of risk taking. And unsurprising, at least to me, the USA has more risk-takers than any other country.

But what is a risk? Many things can be considered risky from risking your marriage to risking money at the casino to diving with sharks and 1,000 things in between.

OLBG based this data on 7 different categories:

  • Innovation
  • Number of divorces per 1,000
  • Total number of billionaires
  • Total gambling losses per country
  • Gambling loss per adult
  • People in that country searching for ‘Bucket List’ activities
  • People in that country searching for ‘Extreme Sports’

The data revealed that the USA came out on top with the most risk-takers by a wide margin. Following us was Canada in second place, then closely behind was the UK in third place.

View the full study HERE