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My Dog Zoe is adorable and when she tilts her head and looks confused she’s even more adorable.  A lot of dogs do this and they all look super cute when they do it, but it could also mean they’re a genius!  Findings from the journal “Animal Cognition” suggest that it might be a sign a dog is smarter than other dogs and they understand what you’re telling them.  The researchers tested a bunch of dogs to see if they could recall the names of different toys.  The ones that could were called “gifted word learners” or GWLs, and the team behind the study think those adorable head-tilts might have something to do with a dog accessing old memories.  I think about that all the time with Zoe.  What does she remember from the first months of her life before we adopted her!  Anyway, here’s a photo gallery of cute puppy head-tilts.

This is Zoe!  She basically gets whatever she wants when she does this.

Just adorable!

SOURCE: USA Today Study Finds